‘Decoding Motherhood’ - a unique gift for urban moms

A maternity book, Decoding Motherhood by Vidhi Beri, attempts to help not only mothers to be but also all who have a part to play in the world of children.




A maternity book for the new mothers in the fast-changing world scenario - Decoding Motherhood  by Vidhi Beri, perhaps, is the need of the hour, especially in a world where most people are busy running their lives that they start losing themselves and are not able to concentrate on the little things that matter the most. It is not only a maternity book but an overall parcel of the most relevant things pertaining to the most blessed phase of life -- motherhood. This book attempts to help not only mothers to be but also all who have a part to play in the world of children.

As high as 95 per cent of mothers or married women plan to have children, are going to have children or have had them. Decoding motherhood is relevant to the Indian parenting context whether you are single, married as a couple, or have children. This book is for all our senior citizens, who have daughters and daughters-in-law, and with whose children they will be interacting, a release stated.

Vidhi Beri has brought  Decoding Motherhood - a parenting style book, with a lot of observation, empirical research and most importantly, love, the release added.

As a devoted mother herself, the writer believes that everyone should have a book that will help them enjoy each and every snippet of this wonderful phase. She presents this book as a nine-step guide, starting right from conception to toddler weaning.

This book is a gift to not only urban mothers or parents, but also to Ek Tara's Mothers' Forum “Inara” (Ray of Light). “The main purpose of our Mothers' Forum is to empower the community mothers into becoming powerful agents of change in the society,” the forum said. It said, “The forum will enable our community mothers to meet and get to know each other, share ideas and information, problem solve and build a community for themselves and their families”.

Ek Tara, a trust, began its journey in 2011 with a small group of marginalised children and women in the slums of Topsia and Tiljala, with a vision to provide high-quality holistic education and livelihood skills to enable positive community transformation.

Starting with just 20 beneficiaries, Ek Tara now has 950 children as a part of its programme and projects. All beneficiaries, including those in the vocational training unit, have access to support programmes on health, hygiene, nutrition and skill-building opportunities.

Vidhi Beri, the author of  Decoding Motherhood,  is a global educator and specialist in the fields of holistic health, maternal health wellness, child nutrition and children's milestone development. She engages with private hospitals, corporations, non-profit organizations, and governmental bodies as a consultant, trainer, and advisor. Her programmes include mind and body nutrition, prenatal and postnatal maternity wellness, infant weaning, toddler nutrition, lifestyle management strategies and depression management.


First Published:Nov. 19, 2020, 1:42 p.m.

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