Meghalaya's COVID-19 death toll reaches 90

Meghalaya has detected a total of 9,607 Covid-19 cases out of which 1,055 are active cases.


The COVID-19related death toll in Meghalaya has touched 90 with the demise of two more people on Sunday, the state health department said.

The state has also recorded 155 new COVID-19 cases and the recovery of 117 Covid-19 patients on Sunday.

The new cases included 81 from Ri Bhoi district, 41 East Khasi Hills district, 21 West Garo Hills district, 4 East Jaintia Hills district, 4 West Jaintia Hills district, 2 East Garo Hills district and 2 South West Garo Hills district. 

Director of Health Services (MI), Dr Aman War  said as many as 70 police personnel and 2 armed forces personnel have contracted the virus in Ri Bhoi.

Of 117 recovered Covid patients, Dr War said that 97 are from East Khasi Hills, 8 from West Garo Hills, 6 from West Jaintia Hills, 4 from Ri Bhoi and 2 from North Garo Hills.

The state has detected a total of 9,607 Covid-19cases out of which 1,055 are active cases, 8,462 recovered and while 90 people have succumbed to the virus.

East Khasi Hills district tops the districts in the list of positive cases with 381 infections which include 29 armed forces and paramilitary forces and 352 civilians, followed by Ri Bhoi with 270 cases and West Garo Hills with 162 cases.

Meanwhile, there have been 70 cases reported in West Jaintia Hills, 57 in East Garo Hills, 51 in West Khasi Hills, 22 in East Jaintia Hills, 16 in North Garo Hills, 17 in South Garo Hills, 6 in South West Garo Hills and 3 in South West Khasi Hills.


First Published:Nov. 1, 2020, 9:52 p.m.

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