Suspected militants disrupt INC election rally, fire gunshots in Saitu

The meeting, however, successfully culminated without any untoward incident.

Empty bullet shell recovered from the site (PHOTO-IFP)

Suspected militants on Wednesday allegedly disrupted an election rally of Indian National Congress’ (INC) Saitu candidate Lamtinthang Haokip.

The incident reportedly occurred at Kanchup area as Haokip convened a public meeting in connection with the upcoming Saitu by-election at K Geljang village. However, even before the meeting began, miscreants suspected to be militants under suspension of operation allegedly asked the candidate not to organise the meeting at Geljang. Following the intimidation, the INC candidate shifted the place of meeting at Twibul public ground which is close to Geljang.

While the election meeting was underway in Twibul public ground, gunshots were reportedly fired in the air from near the area.

The meeting, however, successfully culminated without any untoward incident. 

"This is nothing but an act of cowardice, that too during the public meeting. I strongly condemn the act. I appeal our state chief minister to act against such unlawful activities," Haokip said.

"I am deeply appalled on hearing the incident firing of gun on the public meeting of Dr. Lamtinthang Haokip, INC candidate for the upcoming 51-Saitu By-election today at K. Geljang village. He gave the best of his time in Delhi for the cause of the Kuki and tribal in Delhi under my stewardship", said Paunou K. Zou, former president of the All India Tribal Student Association, Delhi.

The local supporters of the INC candidate suspects the unconstitutional act to be the handiwork of the BJP candidate Ngamthang Haokip and his supporters.

While people who attended the meeting allegedly heard around five rounds of gunshots, police recovered a spent cartridge of 9 mm from K Geljang area. A case has been registered at the Sapermeina police station, the police said.


First Published:Oct. 28, 2020, 10:17 p.m.

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