Water levels of all rivers in Imphal continue to rise

The water levels of the rivers are yet to reach the highest flood level, the IFCD said.


As several parts of the Manipur continued to receive heavy rainfall on Saturday, water levels of major rivers in Imphal valley was seen steadily increasing, but it is yet to reach the highest flood level (HFL), according to the Irrigation and Flood Control Department (IFCD).

The IFCD said the water levels of all the major rivers such as Imphal River, Lilong River (part of Imphal River), Irilbung River, Nambul River, Nambol River, Thoubal River have increased from the level reported at 4 pm on Friday.

The department said that at 11 am Saturday. the water level of Imphal River (Minuthong Area) increased to 787.875 metre from 787.750 metre which is beyond the warning level of 785.900 metre and HFL is 788.400, Lilong River (part of Imphal River) water level rose to 780.550 metre from 779.400 metre and its warning level is 780.350 and HFL is 782.850 metre, Irilbung River water level rose to 784.100 metre from 782.225 metre and warning level is 786.700 metre and HFL is 789.200 metre.

Nambul River water level reached 782.300 metre from 781.650 metre. Its warning level is 781.175 metre and HFL is 783.675 metre, Thoubal River increased to 774.675 metre from 774.000 metre. Its warning level is 778.915 metre and HFL is 781.415 metre and Nambol River water level rose to 774.100 metre from 773.225 metre and its warning level is 772.700 metre and HFL is 774.100 metre.

The IFCD said that precipitation level of Kangpokpi decreased to 34 mm from 48 mm, while that of Saikul increased to 47 mm from 15 mm,  Litan increased to 24 mm from 18 mm, Raj Bhavan with 36 mm from 8 mm, Lamphel rose to 39 mm 9 mm and Jiribam reduce to 13 mm from19.4 mm was noted.

This rainfall record is from Friday morning 6 am to Saturday morning 6 am.

As a precautionary measure to reduce downstream water level of some rivers, gate number 3 of Ithai Barrage was opened at the height of 4 metre while gate number 2 and 4 were open partially opened at the level 3.60 m each. Gate number 1 and 5 were fully closed, the department informed. The water of Ithai Barrage decreased to 768.800 from 769.250 metre.

All the gates of Imphal Barrage Gate are closed.

First Published:Oct. 24, 2020, 7:05 p.m.

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