Allegations by SSUM baseless, clarifies ZEO Thoubal Zone III

The ZEO invited all student organisations for cross checking the registration book maintained in the Office of the ZEO Zone-III, Thoubal.

Zonal Education Officer,(ZEO) Zone III Thoubal Arambam Anilkumar clarified on Tuesday that the press release issued by SSUM in local daily newspapers and electronic media on Monday under the headline "SSUM exposes schools with alleged fake registrations", questioning the practices of fake registration of students of class IX students of Khelakhong Khongjil Khawai Madrasha has nothing to do with the office of the Zonal Education Office, Thoubal.

Anilkumar clarified that the suspicion of the union is baseless and unfounded one. The union has made a wild allegation to malign the clean image of the office of the Zonal Education Officer, Thoubal though the involved school is located within the jurisdiction of this Office. He further clarified that the said School ‘Khelakhong Khongjil Khawai Madrasha’ never submitted any documents for registration of their class-VIII & class IX students from the academic sessions 2016-17 till this current session.

The ZEO also invited all student organisations including SSUM for cross checking the registration book maintained in the Office of the ZEO Zone-III, Thoubal and assured that it will initiate legal proceedings against those involved in forging documents, file/registration nos. of the ZEO.

Socialist Students Union Manipur (SSUM) on Sunday had alleged that the ZEO could have been indulged in issuing fake registrations. The union claimed that the names of class nine students from Khelakhong Khongjil Khawai Madrasha were found in Sunrise Public School and few other schools.

The union also alleged that Khelakhong Khongjil Kwai Madrasha collected names of students from other schools and registered it under BOSEM as their students.

Besides, Khelakhong Khongjil Khwau Madrasha provided fake registration numbers to its class eight students who were transferred from other schools, the union had alleged. It added that the registration number of the students did not even exist when SSUM went to cross check it at the concerned ZEO.

Questioning how such practices have been allowed for long, the union also alleged that concerned ZEO and BOSEM could have also been indulged in such activities. 


First Published:Oct. 21, 2020, 9:29 a.m.

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