Kangpokpi CVOs to form JAC to spearhead NSU Haraothel issue

A joint meeting of all CVOs of Kangpokpi was held at Motbung on Tuesday.

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The civil voluntary organisations (CVOs) of Kangpokpi district under the aegis of Kuki Inpi Kangpokpi District has decided to constitute a Joint Action Committee (JAC) to spearhead the issue of NSU Haraothel. 

The decision was taken in a joint meeting of all CVOs of Kangpokpi held at Motbung on Tuesday. 

The meeting was attended by various local civil bodies of Leilon area including Vaiphei People's Council, Zillai, etc., CSOs from Leimakhong area, local MDC, Sadar Hills Chiefs' Association (SAHILCA), Kuki Students' Organisation Sadar Hills, Thadou Students' Association Sadar Hills, Thadou Youth Association Sadar Hills, Kuki Women Union Sadar Hills, Zillai Kangpokpi District, local bodies from Kangpokpi DHQs including Kangpokpi Town Committee, Kangpokpi Women Welfare Organisation, Kangpokpi Youth Union among others.

Speaking to media persons, general secretary of Kuki Inpi Kangpokpi District Lamminlun Singsit said that some of the new developments are 'highly embarrassing and unwise' to be witnessed in a state of diverse community like Manipur.

He termed it unfortunate that some people are taking the issue of NSU Haraothel in a very communal way thereby using communal tone in various discussions in TV channels and social media platforms. 

“Considering the communal intent of various organisations and individuals taking the issue otherwise, it was decided after a threadbare discussion to constitute a Joint Action Committee to spearhead the legitimate fight over NSU Haraothel,” stated Lamminlun.

He also said that the formation of the committee shall be executed within a few days and the new committee will pursue the further course of action over the issue.

Apart from the formation of the JAC, Kuki Inpi and other CVOs leaders declined to spell what transpired in the meeting stating that the committee when formed would disclose its further course of action in connection with the various new developments.

It may be mentioned that the government has reaffirmed the site of NSU as located in Imphal West district. 

First Published:Oct. 13, 2020, 9:37 p.m.

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