Nemcha Kipgen's removal shows BJP's suppressive nature against women: TYA

The Thadou Youth Association says the recent manipur cabinet reshuffle by Chief Minister N Biren shows valley-centric policy.

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Condemnation continued to pour in over the removal of the lone woman minister, Nemcha Kipgen, from the Manipur council of ministers in the recent cabinet reshuffle.

Thadou Youth Association (TYA), joint headquarters Sadar Hills has strongly condemned the removal of Social Welfare and Cooperation minister, Nemcha Kipgen from the cabinet.

“We understand well the appeasement policy of the BJP-led coalition government resulting into the cabinet reshuffle to sustain the government with its alliance. However, TYA is disappointed over the removal of the lone woman and the only minister from Kangpokpi district from the ministerial berth which completely contradicts to women empowerment as opposed to the women’s reservation bill and also a proof of political inequity between the hills and the valley,” said TYA.

It stated that the cabinet reshuffle shows valley-centric policy where the majority of the ministerial berths are given to the already developed valley whereas almost all hill districts are eluded from development and infrastructure.

It questioned the Biren-led BJP coalition government as why the lone woman minister was removed from ministerial berth when four MLAs from Imphal East district have filled up with ministerial berth and three other MLAs from Imphal West?

“The valley-centric policy of the present government will always be a threat to hill development and will never bring fairness between the hill and valley in the state while adding that the removal of Nemcha Kipgen is the reflection of discrimination against women representation in policy, decision making and governance rather than empowering women and also a negligence of the present government towards hill development,” alleged TYA.

Discrimination against woman will always increase women centric issues of gender-based violence, rape, sexual assault and domestic violence, and the negligence towards hill development will foster the growing tension between the hill and valley in Manipur, it added.

The association further questioned the state government if it really improved the lives of women as Modi’s government has claimed to improve the lives of women when the present government trampled the women reservation bill by removing the lone woman minister from the cabinet.

The removal of Nemcha Kipgen proved the suppressive nature of BJP against women and this clearly proved that things will never get improved for women under BJP leadership and that woman empowerment laws will never be enforced in the state, it further added.

While raising its concern over the ‘Go to Village’ mission launched by chief minister, N Biren Singh, TYA also stated that if the chief minister really cares for the hill development he should not have to leave out all the hill districts to no minister.

It also questioned the Biren-led BJP coalition government whether Nemcha Kipgen was dropped from the ministerial berth because she is a tribal woman or the BJP is against women empowerment?

First Published:Sept. 29, 2020, 10:33 a.m.

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