PLA calls for unity among indigenous communities on 42nd foundation day

“Manipuri people with small population, need to follow the strategies of countries like China, which has successfully tackled the present pandemic".

PLA 42nd Foundation Day (Photo IFP)

In connection with the 42nd foundation day of People’s Liberation Army (PLA), observed on Friday, its political wing, Revolutionary People’s Front (RPF) has called for strengthening unity among the indigenous communities of Manipur.

According to a release issued by secretary publicity RPF, Roben Khuman, the 42nd foundation day of PLA was observed by armies of general headquarters, tactical command, strategic command, 252 mobile battalion and other units of armies, departments and stations, central bureau, SR-1, SR-2, SR-3, SR-4, People’s Liberation Army in a toned down manner in view of COVID-19 pandemic.

“The foundation day was celebrated by installing the red star of the party and star inscribed PLA festoon in the jurisdictions of divisions 2,4,6,8,10 under the central bureau of the party,” it said.

It said that RPF president, Irengbam Chaoren, in his speech to the people on the occasion called for unity among all the indigenous communities inhabiting together in Manipur from time immemorial and to have sacrificial spirit for the welfare of the people and the motherland. The party also called for instilling love, peace and harmony among the communities, it said.

It further stated that the countries which are among the top democratic countries are among the worst affected countries by COVID-19.  It expressed worry that COVID-19 will bring about a doom for the Manipuri society if the Manipuri people follow the way in which major democratic counties deal with the pandemic in the absence of any specific government policy.

“Manipuri people with small population, need to follow the strategies of countries like China, which has successfully tackled the present pandemic,” it said.

It further added that the working style of the people within the government are dictated by election, government formation and mudslinging between one another thereby demeaning democracy.

“According to a report from Association of Democratic Reforms, 265 out of 301 MPs of the ruling BJP and 43 out of 51 Congress MPs are crorepatis. Besides, most of the MPs of other parties are also crorepatis and as many as 44% of the MPs are involved in different criminal cases. As such, it should not be trusted that the Indian legislators majority of which are rich criminals, will focus on tackling the pandemic which affected the poor masses the most,” added the release.

First Published:Sept. 28, 2020, 6:14 a.m.

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