‘As Manipur valley is surrounded by hills, emissions are whirling around consistently’

World Zero Emission Day’ was observed at Samaram, Thoubal district on Sunday.

As a part of the global observance, ‘World Zero Emission Day’ was observed at Samaram, Thoubal district on Sunday.

The event was jointly organised by Samaram Maning Leikai Youth Club, Lions Club of Kakching Greater and Pradhan of Samaram GP, O Indira.
Plantation of fruit bearing and medicinal trees was the main event of the observation.

While participating at the tree plantation event, president of Lions Club of Kakching Greater, Naorem Munal Meitei said that over the years in the name of development, the world has been witnessing immense consumption the fossil fuels widely in different sectors like power, industrial and also in different kinds of automobiles.

Such fossil fuels have made the planet totally harmful that about 7.8 billions of world population are facing the impact of pollution, and therefore, the consumption of fossil fuel should be reduced drastically, he added.

Munal also said that in Manipur about 36,000 vehicles including two wheelers have been increased each year. As the valley s surrounded by hills, the emissions of harmful chemicals in air from the vehicles are whirling around consistently.

For the safety of the region and also to reduce such emissions, plantation of trees is the need of the hour and everyone must plant at least one tree each, he appealed.

First Published:Sept. 21, 2020, 10:09 a.m.

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