My World of Thought

My world will accept you if you are sincere enough to enter.

Gone in the vast land of thought.
Living inside for a moment it bought
Participating in the imagination war,
Afar from here, standing in the field way far.

Living the life of everything inside,
Sitting with the view, but no real site.
Making it all real in my pen’s nib world,
Making it my own world, that’s not in this world.

For me, it’s not a fantasy, but just fantastic.
For me, using “I’m sleeping” is just sarcastic.
Never will you reach my land.
Never will you meet my land.

My world – It’s my thing to appreciate.
My world – It’s not a thing to negotiate.
And I now like to see  the secret,
If your heart for me is sincere.

First Published:May 31, 2020, 11:06 p.m.

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