No more puzzling ocean life

Don't be the vast never ending ocean, notice, appreciate what they have done for you

Representative Image (PHOTO: Pixabay)

No more puzzling ocean life.
Bragging ‘bout the heart’s love – 
Who are you to talk ‘bout the feel?
Dragging out heart’s love – 
Not knowing anything ‘bout the drill.


Wanted our tale, a happy ever after,
But the wantings all in vain.
When I fell, realising everything after.
 All the sacrifices, nothing I gain.


Now, I’ve never known you in this life.
Starting all over with my “always here” ones.
No more puzzling ocean life.
Just the perfect life of once.


Throwing stories’ bagpack in the ocean from the land,
And start over the story in the mainlands.

First Published:May 31, 2020, 10:57 p.m.

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