UARSoM appeals to solve long standing issue of tuition fees, salary in private schools

The association warned the Education department to act responsibly before any untoward incident happens.

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Demanding the authority concerned to look into the impasse of tuition fees and salary issue in private schools, the United Association of Recognised Schools of Manipur (UARSoM) has warned that the association will take its own course of action if the state government fails to solve the issue by September 16 by holding a meeting with the parents and teachers.

The association also warned the Education department to act responsibly before any untoward incident happens.

UARSoM president L Joy Songh stated in a release that the state government had issued an order on June 30, which directed all private schools to pay salary to their staff without collecting any fees from students but the order was not followed.

He further said that the association has been urging the department concerned for revocation of the order through submission of representations, memorandum and by having meetings with the Education minister, officials of the state Education department and the chief minister. But the state government refused to budge from its stance, he added.

He continued that UARSoM stands firm that tuition fees and salary issues must be resolved amicably before the state government begins to reopen the schools.

Joy lamented that other states of India are trying their best to come up with a viable solution of the COVID-19 lockdown related issue of private schools by impartially weighing the interest of parents, staff and school authorities. But the education department of the state has come up with lop-sided orders that made the education policy makers in bad light, he added.

He also stated that UARSoM has expressed great dismay at the manner the state education department deliberately ignored the private schools while discussing reopening of schools.

Any undesirable outcome that may unfold in the event of reopening the schools by the state government without consulting the private schools authorities, should be held responsible by the education department, he added.


First Published:Sept. 11, 2020, 11:08 a.m.

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