Lamkang Khunou villagers decry Chandel DC

Numerous requests were made by the villagers that the impasse is solved through talks, a committee stated.

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Regarding the Asian Highway-01 expansion, the Lamkang Khunou Village NH-39/AH-01 Expansion/Construction Affected Compensation Committee, has decried Chandel DC Krishna Kumar for allegedly threatening the affected household members.  

A release signed by chairman of the committee, Sankhil Momo Darnong alleged that instead of finding a solution for the affected households where the compensation is due, the DC went about threatening the affected household members and government employees in the village that they would face dire consequences if they go about dragging on the issue of compensation.

“The village authority is also greatly perturbed by the attitude of Chandel DC where he called the village individuals and told them that the village will not be compensated at all if they do not accept the unfairly estimated amount calculated earlier,” it stated.

Numerous requests were made by the villagers that the impasse is solved through talks. But the indifferent attitude of Chandel DC has made it impossible for peaceful settlement of the issue, the release alleged. Commandos units were sent by Chandel DC to intimidate the village folks wherein the village cemetery was also partially destroyed, it added.  

It further alleged that grievances of the village authority on the land compensation were not carefully heard by the DC Chandel which led to confusion among state government officials.

In a letter no 4/6/LA/2017(CDL)- Com(rev) dated June 9 sent by revenue department to Chandel DC, a clarification was asked by revenue department to furnish a detailed report of the cost escalation of the compensation which was unduly reported by the Chandel DC in the first place, it further stated.  

“However, to date, no reply from DC is received. This delaying is against the right to fair compensation to the villagers,” it stated.  

The village authority further urged the state government to take stringent action against the manipulating officials particularly the Chandel DC and warned that failure to resolve the issue within a week would invite strong resentment from the village authority and affect the highway expansion project, it added. 

First Published:Aug. 31, 2020, 10:14 a.m.

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