ZUF pays tributes to Haipou Jadonang

It was this day on August 29, 1931 that Jadonang took his firm stand unto his last and was hanged/

On the 89th death anniversary of Haipou Jadonang, chairman of Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF) Jenchui Kamei on Saturday paid tributes and homage to the leader, commemorating his valiant patriotism displayed before the British colonial imperial power and the world.

It was this day on August 29, 1931 that Jadonang took his firm stand unto his last and was hanged on the British scaffold, stated Jenchui Kamei in his message. The people remember him with the worth and priceless value of his death for the living, it stated.

“The situation at the time of Haipou Jadonang was forbidding. He had to either surrender to the false allegations of murder or to die for the cause of defending his movement in defiance of British Raj regime and counter movement called Naga Raj Movement as coined by the then governor of Assam, British India, Sir Robert Reid,” it added.

He met his destiny at the hand of the British but he declared and proclaimed the resolute power of human determination and rights to freedom by refusing to admit and submit his spirit to the tyranny who could only take his body and life but not his spirit, it stated. “He could have been tortured or starved to death under captivity. But the British displayed a show of pride and power over the kings and rulers of the world by publicly hanging the supposed king of the Nagas according to their covetous assumption,” ZUF stated.  

It further stated that his vision and struggle was defined and refined by the revered Rani Gaidinliu to Zeliangrong homeland persuaded to form Zeliangrong representatives body called Zeliangrong People’s Convention (ZPC) constituted in 1965 demanding for statehood within Indian Union. There was a dark gap when the ZPC movement was nearing its fulfilment; when Rani Gaidinliu who was the president of ZPC was laid to rest in 1993 in the cool native home village, it added.  

It was also when the NSCN/GPRN attempted to stop the ZPC movement, the release further stated adding however, the aspiration of the Zeliangrong people to live together under one administrative unit remained alive in the hearts of all the Zeliangrong people. After forbearing hard pressed circumstances for decades, the spirit of Zeliangrong unity has moved to form a united front to rekindle and re-awaken the ZPC and emerged as Zeliangrong United Front to keep the aspiration of the people alive, it stated. “Thus, we are here today to take the cause of our people forward to its ultimate fulfilment,” it added.

“As we commemorate the day of Jadonang martyrdom, let us also renew our right spirit into positive decision and action to fight together for our just and right cause, looking at the history of struggle and sacrifices of the many precious lives rendered for the freedom of our people in this generation. We also remember and pay our high honour to those fellow comrades and martyrs who have given their all for ours’ today and future generations,” it added.  

“I appeal to all Zeliangrong youth and people to rise above petty differences that holds and hinders us aback and move forward together towards greater cause in the spirit of indomitable determination like those who have gone to their graves with the message of hope,” it added. 

First Published:Aug. 29, 2020, 11:25 p.m.

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