'Manipur Human Rights Commission faces lack of manpower, neglected by state government'

Despite the shortages in manpower, MHRC has disposed 70 cases out of 300 registered cases in two years, Mani said.

On completion of two years of the Manipur Human Rights Commission (MHRC) after it was re-established, acting chairperson Khaidem Mani on Friday lamented the lack of manpower in running the commission. However, despite the shortages in manpower, MHRC has disposed 70 cases out of 300 registered cases in two years, Mani stated.

Mani said at a press briefing held at MHRC office chamber located at Lamphelpat court complex in Imphal MHRC has been neglected by the state government and it faces lack of infrastructure, financial resources and manpower. However, the commission is working by taking up responsibilities in interest of the public and still functioning, he said.

The commission has conducted spot inspection at Manipur Central Jail at Sajiwa and Imphal, Police Stations, etc. including rehab centres in Imphal East and Imphal west district. Inspection was conducted to collect a report of the quarantine centres of the (hills and valley) opened to contain the spread of COVID-19, as entrusted by the High Court of Manipur, he mentioned.  

Further activities like registration of landmark cases such as lifting of AFSPA, remedial measures for recent political turmoil in Manipur by calling opinions of all political parties, stake-holders, etc. were also conducted, he added.

He further said that MHRC has given recommendation for the making a suitable examination code/law/rule on Karnataka Model following a complaint petition lodged by DESAM. The commission has taken up measures to spread awareness on human rights among the general public with assistance of NGOs, etc, he said.

He further stated that MHRC can make recommendations concerning the by-election which is going to be held in three months if it goes against human rights.

He said not only the general public but government as well as the administration have a lack of knowledge about the power of MHRC.

Since he was recruited as acting chairperson by governor of the state in 2018, he has been urging to provide sufficient manpower, infrastructure and financial support, he said. On the occasion, he urged the state government to amend section 27 of MHRC rule and regulation, so that the commission can recruit the required staff.

First Published:Aug. 29, 2020, 10:06 p.m.

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