Nature and Origin of COVID-19: Tracing the unchartered areas

The wonder of it all is the fact that #Cvd19 does not seem to infect just about everybody it comes across for unexplainable reason.


It's been six months since the outbreak of nCoV19 was declared a pandemic but no solution is anywhere near in sight. In fact, the US, Latin America and India are still reeling under the menace of the dreaded Covid-19. Others are also still down and out in this global tragedy.

A European scientist correctly predicted that if Dr Zhengli "Batwoman" Shi's lab-engineered SARS-CoV2 was successful, none would know "its trajectory". That's exactly what’s happening now. No cure nor vaccine and no reprieve for anyone in sight. What hath God wrought?

The nCov19 is divided into three categories: The A-Group (D614G mutation) the US, South America and most parts of Europe is arguably the harshest. The B-Group is ravaging parts of Europe, Africa, SE-Asia (including India) and could be linked to the "Wuhan Virus". Whereas C-Group is mild or moderate #Cvd19 which mutated from B-Group.

#Cvd19 in Northeast India

Fortunately, there's no report of highly mutated #Cvd19 in NE-India till now. That'd be catastrophic. The B-& C-Group of nCov19 might be the contagion that affected the state of Manipur which has a surprising large number of asymptomatic patient. A person infected with #Cvd19 but shows no signs of symptoms or illness is called asymptomatic, thereby having a very low infection capability. Such patient has Ncoronavirus infection up to throat-level and unable to find "targets" in the inner part of a healthy person's body. It's most probable that the body immune system somehow contained the #Cvd19 naturally or medically. That's why, though medically inadvisable, anti-flu, anti-pneumonia and cough medicines are highly advisable to activate our immune system as an emergency precautionary measure. Flu medicine would alert our system and recognise #Cvd19 swiftly. Then, our immune cell will grow its own spikes like #Cvd19 and replicates itself naturally to neutralise or contain the contagion.

The latest medicine to combat the coronavirus 

The latest medicine for the treatment of Mild and Moderate #Cvd19 patient is "Fluguard" which was previously manufactured by Japan under the brand name "Avigan" for treatment of Flu/Influenza patients. The #Cvd19 is so distinct that the patients have to be treated with Anti-Malarial and Anti-HIV medicines like Hydroxy Chloroquine, Panavir, Remdesivir, etc.

#Cvd19 does not seem to infect just about everybody it comes across

The wonder of it all is the fact that #Cvd19 does not seem to infect just about everybody it comes across for unexplainable reason.

The preventive measures laid out by the WHO could also be indirectly responsible for infection of doctors, nurses and health workers. It's worth mentioning that WHO Secretary General of Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is not a medical official, but earned his doctorate through PhD in "Community Healthcare Service". After two failed cover-up efforts of Cholera Outbreaks in Ethopia, Ghebreyesus was relieved of his duty as Health Minister to become Ethopian Foreign Minister. Then, he negotiated $13bn aid for Ethopia from China. Later, China helped elected Ghebreyesus as the 1st non-medical official to head the WHO. No wonder he (read:WHO) and Chinese supremo Xi Jinping made concerted cover-up operation of the #Cvd19 inhumanely. That botched cover-up made nCov19 a worldwide pandemic. It's roaring and rolling on without any respite for Mankind.

Why the mortality rate of #Cvd19 differs from one area to another

Theoretically, the lifespan of nCoV19 is about 10 to 15 minutes in the open air. It just could not be ascertained since it is totally new and unpredictable disease. Well, a common virus becomes a living thing only if it's human body, once outside it's as good as a dead thing. The same cannot be scientifically assumed about the Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV2/Covid-19). Unlike other common viruses, #Cvd19 tend to mutate heavily within a person's body. That's one reason why the mortality rate of #Cvd19 differs from one area to another. It mutates differently from one continent to another. This makes #Cvd19 so unpredictable and deadly with no specific cure nor specifically common vaccines which are being on trial now. This definitely gives the impression that #Cvd19 is a lab-engineered virus. Much to the surprises of medical-experts, the nCoV19 has adapted maturely amongst the first patients in Wuhan. That clearly pointed towards Dr. Zhengli Shi's infamous Synthetic virus or lab-engineered virus at Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV)'s P4Lab. As such, the treatments of #Cvd19 patients around the world are not similar to other conventional anti-viral treatments.

How effective are the #Cvd19 preventive measures?

Preventive measures are the only means to contain the spreading of #Cvd19. Face-mask is proven to be effective to stop spreading of #Cvd19 by infected person but is not proven to stop an infection itself. The molecules in #Cvd19 droplets might be embedded in a face-mask and could be inhaled once they became dry. There's a chance to inhale #Cvd19 from full-blown patient through face-mask within very close distance or in very close proximity. Tiny #Cvd19 droplets embedded on one's upper face might also dripped in along with a person's sweat into the nose or mouth despite wearing face-mask. This is an undeniable probability pertaining to the large scale infection of doctors, nurses and health-workers treating #Cvd19 patients. Professional hazard at its best. Well, Ghebreyesus officially stated thus: "Face-masks on their own will not protect you from #Cvd19".

How protective is hand sanitizers?

Another risk is the usage of anti-bacterial and anti-septic hand-sanitizers which are not experimented so far to see if they could fully neutralised #Cvd19. Bacteria and fungus are totally different from virus. Moreover, the #Cvd19, in turn, is totally a new and unpredictable virus unlike other known viruses. Hence, the effectiveness of hand-sanitizers is highly questionable. None needs to feel safe by using various hand-sanitizers which, unfortunately, have become a much profitable industry in India.

Washing one's hands with soap and water is far safer and effective than hand sanitizers. But then, a specific #Cvd19-related hand-sanitizers might lower the chance of infection if they really worked well. Though one could never be sure of it. Anti-bacteria sanitizers might probably embedded the #Cvd19 in a person's hands could be inhaled once the hands dried up.

These are the uncharted areas where medical-sciences arguably failed Mankind during the nCoV19 Pandemic.

Various strains of #Cvd19 were shipped to Israel for vaccine manufacturing purpose in an ice-container at -80°C. It sure didn't kill the viruses. Bacteria and virus could survive inside the thick ice for thousands of years. Vaccines or no vaccines, the #Cvd19 is here to stay. Waiting for another outbreak in the near future. Hence, it's all about being medically and scientifically well-prepared for the future once the ongoing pandemic is over.

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First Published:Aug. 28, 2020, 9:52 a.m.

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