Parents of infant with Hydrocephalus get monetary aid from district administration Churachandpur

The baby, named Hoihcy was born at District Hospital, Churachandpur on February 25


Acting swiftly on the social media post about a baby girl with swollen head from Mata village, the Churachandpur district administration on Tuesday extended monetary aid to the parents of the infant.

The baby, named Hoihcy was born at District Hospital, Churachandpur on February 25. After one month, the infant’s mother, Niangngaihkim discovered extreme swelling on the head of her daughter, which is medically termed as Hydrocephalus. The distraught parents have been seeking for proper treatment for their infant. The child’s father, Lianmalsawm is a lumberjack.

The district administration handed over Rs. 20,000 as financial assistance to the parents apart from assuring them to give other benefits like job card, PM Kishan, CMHT, etc.

Deputy commissioner, Pawan Yadav, SP, Amrita Sinha, ZEO, N Chingkhei, SDO, Ginmuan Ngaihte and doctors from the Medical department went to the rented house of the infant’s parents at Mata village and extended financial assistance.

The deputy commissioner assured the infant’s mother of giving a job card and CMHT benefits immediately. He also assured of other logistics support to the parents as the child undergoes surgery at Imphal.

The condition of baby Hoihcy came to light when it was circulated through social media. The Social Welfare department took cognizance of the matter and informed the district administration immediately.

First Published:Aug. 26, 2020, 10:42 a.m.

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