Manipuri Language Day on August 20 not to be celebrated: Committee

Manipuri Language Day State Level Celebration Committee decided against the celebration in view of the COVID-19 lockdown in the state.

The ‘Manipuri Language Day State Level Celebration Committee’ has stated that the celebration of Manipuri Language Day, which was scheduled on August 20, would not be held due to the ongoing total lockdown in the state.

The committee consisting of various languages, literature and other art of Manipur celebrates the Manipuri Language Day on August 20 every year. The observation which began on August 20 in 1992 is celebrated together with Assam, Tripura and other north-eastern states along with Manipuris in Bangladesh, the committee stated in a release.

The main objective for celebrating this day in Manipur is to respect the language which helped the people in Manipur to communicate with one another, it stated. Although Manipuri language is among the 22 Eight Scheduled languages of India, it has been given the least attention, it added.

Meanwhile, the Manipuris residing in Assam are not given the opportunity to sit for the Manipuri paper in the Assam Public Service Commission for many years now, it stated.

The languages Assamese, Bengali and Boro are considered as a native languages but not Manipuri which is not fair to the Manipuris, it stated. This should be amended by the Assam government at the earliest, it added.

The government of Manipur should help in developing the Manipuri language in a scientific way, it added.

First Published:Aug. 18, 2020, 9:58 a.m.

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