Chairman Ksh Laba sends message on 16th MFL foundation day

A release signed by the chairman stated that as a representative of KCP/MFL, he would like to express utmost respect and sincere gratitude to the doctors, nurses, health workers and volunteers for frontlining the battle against COVID-19 pandemic.

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On arrival of the 16th foundation day of the proscribed Kangleipak Communist Party (KCP)’s military wing Miyamgi Fingang Lanmi (MFL) which falls on Thursday, chairman of the military affairs committee, Ksh Laba Meitei has extended his wishes to the public.

A release signed by the chairman stated that as a representative of KCP/MFL, he would like to express utmost respect and sincere gratitude to the doctors, nurses, health workers and volunteers for frontlining the battle against COVID-19 pandemic. With prayers for success to every battle that is being confronted by each community and the general public, the organisation also sends its revolutionary greetings to all, it stated. Further, KCP/MFL extends its warm wishes to the revolutionary groups of ‘Western South East Asia (WESEA)’ civil bodies, intellectuals, the media fraternity and those who have supported the organisation, it added.

For the existing small communities of this particular region, the only means to attain unity is by following the ongoing movement for self determination, with the ideal to achieve independence of the people and their motherland and ultimately achieving an egalitarian society as defined by socialism, the release stated. Without unity, these ideals cannot be achieved. Mankind naturally seeks equality and independence i.e. an existence under an egalitarian society, the release stated.  The sole path which will lead the people towards this goal is through ‘Marxism-Leninism-Maoism’ (M-L-M). “M-L-M should be our ideology and theory,” it added.  

In one of Mao’s important works, ‘Combat Liberalism’, he states that the meaning of ‘liberalism’ should be different from what it is being interpreted by academics. In the work, he points out the pitfalls of liberalism due to vulgar individualism, it stated. The article lists 11 negative behaviours of individuals which may derail a revolutionary movement off its intended course:  

1. No one must go beyond the ethical codes set of an organisation set under an ideology. If old friends or acquaintances fall in the wrong direction, it is one’s duty to correct them and bring them back to the right path otherwise all efforts made for the revolution will go to waste.    

2. When criticism is required, one must not remain hesitant to do so. If criticism is made on someone’s back by avoiding direct confrontation, it is akin to sabotaging a movement.   

3. If progressive ideas for a group are not shared to all because it will not benefit someone on a personal level, it is akin to deliberately making the organisation weak.

4. If one considers that personal interests are more important than what is good for a group, then he or she is deliberately sabotaging a movement; one must ignore personal interest and work for the common good.

5.  While dealing with a serious matter, one should keep pride and ego in check and try to reach a solution based on facts and logic instead of holding arguments as it would be detrimental to the organisation.

6. If one knows that someone has ill intentions towards the revolution and spreads rumours or false information and does not take any course of action to stop it, then he or she is considered as an accomplice to the unwanted activities.  

7. If one ignores the assigned duties to spread the movement to the people, then the person has sabotaged the revolution.

8. If one knows that someone is intentionally working to sabotage the revolution but takes no action to stop such activities, then the person shall be considered an accomplice to the crime.

9. If one is involved in work or activities which have nothing to do with the organisation, that person is bringing down the movement.

10. If one does not perform an assigned duty out of pride or ego because it is considered lowly kind of work and not suitable to his or her position or status, then the person is bringing down the revolution.

11. If one knows that what he or she is doing will not help the organisation yet continues the activity without correcting themselves, then they have brought down the revolution.

Liberalism tends to bring destruction among those working for the revolution, the release stated. It derails the movement and kills the respect and support the organisation receives from the public. It destroys discipline and respect among one another and eventually pushes the organisation away from the people.   

Mao’s ‘Combat liberalism’ is guiding light to those who are truly committed to the revolution, the release stated. For the petty bourgeois, who speak as if they are working to achieve an egalitarian society but work only for their own self-interest, this was Mao’s gift to correct them. This will bring them back to the common goal and work with unity; leaders will come out and the public shall regain their trust in the organisation, it said.

“Finally, some among us are throwing criticism on Marxist ideology by using metanarrative theories of post modern thinkers like Jean François Lyotard. They are trying to make M-L-M as an ideological weapon which has become useless. They must understand that Marxism is not a metanarrative. It is counternarrative born out of the conflict between capitalism and feudalism. By calling Marxism as a metanarrative, they are trying to revive capitalism and feudalism.  This is the biggest liberal element that has ever existed. They are the ones who are trying to portray M-L-M into a poor light and they stand against the revolution”.

First Published:Aug. 12, 2020, 7:31 p.m.

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