Stop uranium mining immediately : NEDF

Uranium mining rapidly produces large volumes of liquid and solid waste, which remains hazardous ad infinitum, pollutes the air around.


The North East Dialogue Forum (NEDF) expressed their solidarity with all those calling for a Nuclear Free World, i.e. whether  as  a  weapon  or  nuclear  energy  for  peaceful  purposes  to  generate  electricity  and right   from  the  mining  process.

A release stated that  NEDF calls  for  immediate  stoppage   of  uranium  (including  all  other atomic  minerals)   mining  anywhere  and  everywhere. Uranium  mining  is  taking  place  in complete  disregard  of  native/indigenous  people’s /tribal  land   thereby  taking  away aboriginal/indigenous  people’s  rights  and  livelihoods, it added.

They urged  upon  one  all,  irrespective  of  ethnicity,  culture,  nationality,  faith/religious  belief,  colour,  gender,  to  be  resolute  for   a  Nuclear  Free  World, it added.

All  governments,  irrespective  of  ideology,  form  and  type  to  sign  and  ratify  the UN  Treaty  on  Prohibition  of  Nuclear  Weapons  (TPNW)  so  that  their  dream becomes  a  reality, it added.

Moreover, uranium  is  used  for  making  nuclear  bombs  by  converting  it  to  plutonium  in  the  nuclear  reactors, it stated. Uranium  mining  rapidly  produces  large  volumes  of  liquid  and  solid  waste,  which  remains hazardous ad infinitum, pollutes  the  air around thereby  has a catastrophic  environmental  effect  on  the  immediate surrounding and also contaminates  the  downstream  area, it added.

Radioactivity in the form of radon gas permeates and accumulates in solids, liquids, gases and finds its way  to  human beings directly and indirectly, it stated. Health  hazards  are  stupendous and deadly and continue through generations  even causing genetic mutation, it stated. There is no method or  strategy to stop radiation - contamination from uranium mining  waste and its spread, it added.
They also called for freedom from human rights violation in the  form of rape,  murder, torture, harassment, exploitation and  from gender, ethnic, racial, cultural, religious discrimination, it stated. It further called for freedom of speech and expression  with  the  democratic  right  to dissent and to exercise the  human right to life in letter and spirit, it added.

First Published:Aug. 9, 2020, 1:46 p.m.

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