Private hospitals must cut cost of non-COVID-19 treatment, says joint committee

The Joint Committee for Public Awareness is a he joint committee of the state and civil bodies of Manipur on COVID-19 pandemic initiated by the chief minister.

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Private hospitals in the state should step up and play a major role in the treatment of non-COVID patients by reducing the treatment fees, the Joint Committee for Public Awareness on COVID-19 has stated.

JCPAC, the joint committee of the state and civil bodies of Manipur on COVID-19 pandemic initiated by the chief minister, stated in a release on Tuesday that the committee issued the statement to address the inconveniences faced by the public in approaching the two major hospitals in the state, RIMS and JNIMS hospitals, for their treatment.

The committee assured that it will approach the authorities of private hospitals and chalk out means to make sure that all sections of people have the opportunity and access to get treatment in the hospitals.

A release issued by convener of the committee and MLA of Yaiskul assembly constituency Th Satyabrata stated that the local clubs and organisations should also extend maximum support in the fight against COVID-19 since the state is under the initial stage of community transmission.

The local clubs and organisations can also approach the committee if they face any inconveniences in maintaining standard operating procedures and other cleanliness activities they take up, it stated.

Taking note of the increasing number of COVID positive cases, the labour department should try to enrol as many local people to work for any government developmental projects.

Stating that there are many local labourers and daily bread earners, who have been cut off from their daily work due to the lockdown, the committee also appealed to such people to be prepared to take up any developmental works.

If there is any compulsion to engage non-locals in any developmental works of the government project, the state government and the department concerned should make sure that all the details of the non-locals, including COVID status, should be clearly indicated in their permit copy, the release stated.

Condemning the action of some localities that have blocked the entrance of their respective communities, the committee also appealed to all the localities in the state to take up such measures only when a locality is declared as a containment zone.

Blocking the entrance unnecessarily will only put obstacles at times of emergency. Instead, the volunteers and local clubs should ensure that SOP is strictly maintained in their respective localities and every individual should follow all precautionary measures given by WHO, it added.

Any COVID-19 positive persons, their families and localities should not be discriminated against, it further stated adding instead, they should be given moral support so that they can fight and recover.

The committee also received information that some villages in hill districts even prohibited villagers from going into paddy fields and daily works, stated the release and appealed the villages to avoid such prohibition.

The state government machineries, different organisations and the people should collectively fight the pandemic together, it stated.

Since May 26, the Joint Committee for Public Awareness on COVID-19 has been actively and effectively taking part in various aspects to help contain the deadly and contagious COVID-19 from further spreading and infecting the masses.

The committee consist of All Manipur United Club Organisations, Committee of Civil Societies of Kangleipak, The Ethno Heritage Council, League of Indigenous Peoples Upliftment, Kuki Inpi Manipur, Manipur Muslim Welfare Organisation, United Committee Manipur, United Naga Council and Zelianrong Baudi.

First Published:Aug. 5, 2020, 12:48 p.m.

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