UCM reiterates stand for undivided Manipur

UCM said that the people of Manipur will not accept the demand for a Kuki territorial council.

A view of Ima market in Imphal (PHOTO: IFP)

The United Committee Manipur (UCM) has expressed strong opposition to both the demands of Kukis’ territorial council and Nagas’ autonomous region, opining that both are unreasonable and are against the idea of a united Manipur. 

UCM, in a release, said that the people of Manipur will not accept the demand for a Kuki territorial council, which was mentioned by defence secretary, KNO/KNA, Thongsei Haokip in connection with the 33rd rising day of KNF amid the prevailing tension in the wake of media reports about presence of illegal NSCN (I-M) camps in Manipur.

It warned of a ‘second June 18’ if the government of India approved the formation of territorial council. 

“UCM is compelled to remind the communities inhabiting together in the state that any move made against the common interests of the people will never be successful and will not be a lasting solution,” it stated.

“The people should never forget that the forefathers of the communities co-existing together in the state safeguarded it throughout the history and civilisation of Kangleipak (Manipur), which is more than 3000 years old,” the release said. It urged that the time has come to leave behind the idea of dividing Manipur with their armed revolution lasting only 72 years and 33 years, respectively. The people should never fall into the traps and conspiracies, it added.

The release stated that history has proven that the people of Manipur will never accept any form of arrangements on communal lines as witnessed in the Great June Uprising on June 18, 2001. As fallout of the uprising, the then Prime Minister announced the limitation of ceasefire with Nagas only to Nagaland and that the ceasefire will not be extended to Manipur, it recounted.

While saying that the people of Manipur have been trusting the Prime Minister’s announcement all this while, it stated that the people and UCM now wants to know how the government of India is allowing NSCN (I-M) camps inside Manipur as clearly evident from the letter sent by Manipur government seeking report from GOI about presence of NSCN (I-M) camps within Manipur territory in violation of ceasefire ground rules.  

Contending the failure of the government of India to clarify on the same, the press release maintained that Indian government playing with the interests of conflicting groups, will worsen the situation. The Indian government should bear for all repercussions of an unwanted solution against the interests of the people in the name of ending insurgency. It is the responsibility of the government of India to keep its words and assurance made to the people of Manipur on July 27, 2001, it said.

“The failure to keep its word will make it impossible for Manipur and India to set up good ties,” added the release. 

 It also appealed to all communities existing together in the state to work towards common goal and aspirations by leaving aside interests on communal lines to shape the future of a united Manipur. 

First Published:May 27, 2020, midnight

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