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Stress on moral education should be an urgent priority which will teach the future of the nation to rise above petty barriers of language, caste, religion and country and accord supreme importance to humanity as a whole.

Imphal, Manipur, Northeast India (PHOTO: IFP)

A particular school of thought believes that India is only a large landmass bound together by a political boundary and never a nation.

The "nationalists" will certainly oppose the candid opinion of this school of thought, but the fact remains that the latter indeed hit the bull's eye specially in the context of Northeast India which remains the greatest victim of an imperialistic mindset because of their Mongoloid features and unique culture, languages, attire and dietary habits.

Also supreme indifference and ignorance towards the region have worsened the situation. If the "nationalists" remain unaware of greats like Prince Tikendrajit Singh, U Tirot Sing or Rani Gaidinliu; it can be concluded that the "enlightened" brigade do not care to look beyond the boundaries of text books whose syllabus suggest that only the North/West Indians like Rani of Jhansi, Bhagat Singh, Mahatma Gandhi or Jawaharlal Nehru had fought against the British imperialists! But hadn't the "educated" brigade gone through their geography books in school which shed light on different states of India and their capitals? Else how could an engineering student of Jamia Millia Islamia wonder whether Manipur is in China(A North-Eastern journalist's lament in an article revolving supreme indifference towards all things "Seven Sisters" in "mainland" India)!

It speaks very poorly of the education system in India where one can enroll in a course as high as engineering despite possessing lesser General Knowledge than even any sincere nine-year old school-going child! And certain "jewels" in the guise of UPSC civil service aspirant or post-graduate student of Human Rights can ask atrociously whether our North-Eastern brothers and sisters indeed consume human beings! These antique specimens, who mentally reside in Stone Age and not fit enough to breathe in this 21st century, are the future "administrators" of India or "protectors of human rights" in this country! With such degraded minds in the helm of this country, no wonder why India remains a laggard in all International Indexes, including Human Rights, which really matter!

A certain civil service hopeful finds "immense difficulty" in remembering the names of the North-Eastern states and its capital cities! Firstly, it means that his/her memory power is inferior than a serious Class III/IV school student! Secondly, despite possessing such a little IQ, he/she is expecting to be recruited as a civil servant of this vast diverse country! Perhaps God will also fail in saving India from meeting its doom if such specimens are allowed to reign over this nation! Finally, that specimen finds no problem in remembering the names of "glamorous" Northern/Western/Southern Indian states and its capitals! All "problems" crop up only in cases involving North-East, isn't it! Actually when one feels deep antipathy towards any language, state or region; all things related to it certainly get absolutely "incomprehensible"!

It is high time a spirit of tolerance needs to be imparted in the Indian society and  the sense of India as a centre of diverse culture, language, race and religion is required to be urgently inculcated. Actually there lies something extremely wrong with the Indian education system which might be capable of helping the students to churn out glamorous careers , but fails to broaden their general knowledge and vision. And less said about imparting moral education the better, else we would not have witnessed such imperialistic and racist attitude prevailing in the society.

Also school text books, which form the foundation of the society, should enlighten the students about historical and cultural aspects of the whole country, including the glorious Northeast instead of focusing on certain regions only.

Stress on moral education should be an urgent priority which will teach the future of the nation to rise above petty barriers of language, caste, religion and country and accord supreme importance to humanity as a whole. And just like the civilized countries of the West; acts of discrimination, physical abuse and passing lewd comments on the basis of one's linguistic, religious or any other divisive credential should not be tolerated a bit and the offenders need to be awarded exemplary punishment.

Lastly, another point should also be taken note of. Suppose Manipur/Mizoram is indeed a "province of China/Thailand/Nepal/Japan". Now just because Manipuris/Mizos are "not Indian nationals", but hold "alien citizenship"; can the "nationalist" Indians immediately get any moral, democratic or legal right to beat up the "foreigners" named Manipuris/Mizos? After all at the end of the day we are all Human Beings and all things race, religion, citizenship are nothing but accident of destiny, birth, geography, history and politics. Thus along with the sense of being Indian, the sense of supreme equality of human beings also needs to be inculcated in the society.

The brutal murder of any Northeastern brother in New Delhi is certainly a matter of deep regret, but similar atrocity on an African sister in the Indian capital will also not be a bit less scandalous. Instead of engaging in rhetoric or beating its own trumpet on August 15 and January 26, the much-publicised liberal country should seriously try to put into practice the following motto --- LET HUMANITY PREVAIL.

First Published:July 16, 2020, 2 p.m.

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