Manipur boy builds Iron Man suit, robots using electronic wastes

This dream story of a boy is a reminder to today’s weary world what the power of passion can do even in times of difficulties, and how one can work wonders when you follow your passion and dreams

Ningombam Prem from Heirok part II began his dream journey at a young age

In a small cramped-up room, driven by passion, a 20-year-old boy sat working his fingers on scraps. Today, this boy from Manipur has created robots and replica of Hollywood movie super hero costumes using electronic wastes and cardboards. This dream story of a boy is a reminder to today’s weary world what the power of passion can do even in times of difficulties, and how one can work wonders when you follow your passion and dreams, no matter who you are or where you come from.

Inspired by sci-fi movies and robotics, a third year student of fine arts at Imphal College, Ningombam Prem from Heirok part II began his journey of passion at a young age when in class 1 he took  to painting as a hobby. Gradually, the creativity in him pushed him further and he started making replica of superhero costumes since class 8.

Although he has no formal training and expertise in the field, Prem made robots with ideas he gained by watching television shows. And, when he first owned a smart phone in class 10, he learned different techniques of robotics by browsing the internet and developed robots which are mechanically controlled using the waste he collected from roads and non-functional electronic devices.

Till today, Prem has built a spider-web shooter inspired from Spiderman movie, suits of popular superhero Iron Man where some parts are mechanically controlled, smart windows which can open or close automatically and few more of such robotics. He tried to complete his projects by limiting the expenditure as much as possible by collecting parts from old electronic devices, he said.

Observing the lack of science fiction movies in state film industry, Prem also dream of producing scientific movies in the state along with other people who have similar interests. He said that he has many ideas and concepts in his mind.

“My mind will always be engaged in the projects until I complete them. Even while walking or travelling on vehicles and doing other activities, I will try to reason out why a certain project failed,” he said, speaking exclusively to Imphal Free Press.

Prem will first make a sketch of a project which he has in mind and later turn it into reality.  If the sketch does not turn out as expected, there is no chance of developing the projects in reality, he said, adding, he never revealed his projects to other, including family members, until they are completed.

Initially, he made small projects from whatever materials he collected. After gaining more knowledge in the field, he is determined to undertake bigger projects, but he could not buy materials to complete a project owing to financial constraints. With the money he has, he could not buy the things required to make the robots because he needs to save them for travelling expenses to reach his college at Imphal from Heirok in Thoubal district.

Born to Ningombam Herojit and Ningombam Rasheshwori Devi, Prem is being looked after by his mother since his father passed away when he was in 10th standard.

Prem’s mother said, “By the time, my child started schooling, he was very much into drawing. From class 3, he began making toys with paper and cardboards and even sold them to the kids in the locality.

“Being a daily bread earner, it is hard for me as a parent to support my child for him to undergo further training in the field he is interested in,” she said, adding she will give maximum support to Prem to make sure that he is not discouraged.

Prem’s project, which is uploaded in his Youtube channel ‘Kanglei Tech’ reached 4,000 subscribers within a month.

First Published:May 25, 2020, 10:43 a.m.

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