On a highway a man shuffles...Five days, three hundred miles...

Representational image (PHOTO: SW-Unsplash)


'To you brave ones out there'

Says the man to the camera

As he sits down at the piano.

'Speaking words of wisdom

Let it be' sings he.


Far out in the city, a young man

Writes in sheer desperation

'When it's over, please take me home'

He reaches up to the ceiling

And ties up the cruel knot.


Lady in the modular kitchen

Man sets up the camera

'This will be viral as viral goes,

Lamb chops with sage and thyme

Who can resist it all?'


On a highway a man shuffles

Five days, three hundred miles

'Home is only a few miles more' says he

Then he drops to his knees

Never to get up again.


Sunlit porch in the morning bright

Birds set up the tune for the day

He stares at the blank page before him

'Got the whole day before me

Let's see how it goes'.


Standing in front of the air machine

Looking down at the drained face

'You're not alone' says she to him

As she watched him slip away

'Lord have mercy on me!'

First Published:July 12, 2020, 12:48 a.m.

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