Zomi Chiefs Association, Zomi Council condemn attack on 46 AR

ZCA also appealed to all Zomi chiefs and villagers along the Indo-Myanmar border to cooperate with the security forces in their hunt for perpetrators of the heinous acts.

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The Zomi Chiefs Association (ZCA), Zomi Council headquarters and its constituent nine tribes, Lamka strongly condemned the attack on a convoy of 46 Assam Rifles (AR) near S Sehken village, Singngat sub-division, Churachandpur district, Manipur on Saturday.

In a release issued on Sunday, ZCA stated that the attack was orchestrated and executed by suspected valley-based proscribed militants at around 10 am. 

The attack led to the loss of six precious lives, including commanding officer 46 AR colonel  Viplav Tripathi,  his wife Anuja Tripathi, their six-year-old son Abeer Tripathi, a student of Class-I at St Paul's Institute, Churachandpur and three other jawans, it stated.

It further stated that Churachandpur district has witnessed relative peace, security and development after a long spell of militancy due to the relentless efforts of the government and its security forces. 

The incident jeopardised and put at peril, the life and security of innocent, peace loving Zomi villagers residing in the area and shocked the general public who eagerly awaits a final solution of the political negotiations between the government and suspension of operation(SoO) groups.

ZCA also appealed to all Zomi chiefs and villagers along the Indo-Myanmar border to cooperate with the security forces in their hunt for perpetrators of the heinous acts. 

ZCA appealed to the Centre to exert all measures required to apprehend, book and penalise the culprits as per the law.  ZCA expressed its condolences to the martyred soldiers who made their supreme sacrifices for the nation. 

In a separate release, the Zomi Council headquarter expressed shock over the incident and stated that such acts of terror had been a thing of the past in Zomi areas, particularly after United Peoples Front (UPF) and Kuki National Organisation (KNO) signed tripartite SoO with the government since 2008. 

The council is appalled to learn that the victims include innocent women and children, which are normally spared even in times of war, it stated. Colonel Viplav Tripathi is very dear to the Zomi as he initiated skill development schemes for Zomi Revolutionary Army cadres in order to transform their lives and bring them back into the mainstreams, it added.  

Whatever is the excuse or justification that may be given by the perpetrators of the heinous crime, the council will fail to understand why they choose Zomi area where SoO groups are engaging with the government for a peaceful political solution, it stated.

The act of terror is, therefore, not only a challenge to the government, but an attempt to destroy the hard- earned peace and tranquility in this part of the country, it mentioned.

The council also requested the army and the government to hunt down the perpetrators of the crime, their allies and co-conspirators (if any) and give befitting punishment immediately.  

It further urged the security forces to bring justice to the supreme sacrifices of Viplav Tripathi, his beloved wife and son, and personnel of 46 Assam Rifles.

First Published:Nov. 14, 2021, 9:55 a.m.

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