Scuffle broke out over racist slur at Tuibong

One contractor of BSF campus taunted a barbeque stall owner by allegedly calling him 'chinky' at Tuibong, Churachandpur district.

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A scuffle broke out between an enraged mob and one contractor of BSF campus after the latter taunted a barbeque stall owner by allegedly calling him 'chinky' at Tuibong, Churachandpur district.

According to sources, two persons along with a lady came at Tuibong Bazaar and stopped in a barbeque stall where one Prawal Agnihotri from National Building Constructions Company, who came with a deputy commandant of 113 Battalion from Loktak, abused the barbeque stall owner by allegedly calling him 'chinky'. He even threatened the stall owner with a pistol to shoot him.

Later, with the intervention of Churachandpur SP and Kuki Students' Organisation (KSO), the matter was sorted out for the night and the two persons were taken to Churachandpur Police Station. The said contractor signed an apology letter to the people of Tuibong on Monday.

Meanwhile, BSF, Mizoram and Cachar Frontier, has clarified that the news uploaded in social media and ‘The Hills Journal’ news and media website on October 10 under caption ‘BSF personnel launches into a racist rant against barbeque stall owner’ is false and far from the truth.

It stated that the fact of the case is that there is no involvement of BSF personnel in the case. The scuffle broke out between the civil contractor Prawal Agnihotri, who is carrying out construction works in BSF campus, and the other customer or the stall owner.

The BSF official tried to pacify the irate mob and control the situation and there is no question of threatening the stall owner by holding a pistol as claimed in the news content as no such weapon was with anyone, it added.

It is also mentioned that a meeting was held at Churachandpur Police Station on Monday, where the civil contractor apologised for his behaviour and derogatory words in a written apology.

The publishing or uploading of such news without proper verifying the involvement of BSF personnel as mentioned in the report is highly objectionable and hereby rebutted the distorted news involving directly BSF in the incident, it added.

First Published:Oct. 11, 2021, 11:18 p.m.

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