Nikison Meitei boxes his way to semi-final in State Invitation Boxing Championship

The second Manipur State Invitation Boxing Championship 2021 was held at Boxing Ring, Khuman Lampak Sports Complex.

(Photo: IFP)

Mutum Nikison Meitei of AAYCA moved into the semi-final by beating Md Hefajuddin of SRBA in the Sub-Junior Boys 46 kg category of the 2nd Manipur State Invitation Boxing Championship 2021 held at Boxing Ring, Khuman Lampak Sports Complex.

In the 43 kg bout of the Sub-Junior Boys quarter final, Nikhil Thokchom of LRBA got the better of Kh Santomba Meitei of AUS to sail into the semi-final as well.

The other semi finalists in the Sub-Junior Boys are N Henthoiba Singh of PBA in 46 kg, Thamei Jackson of ABA in 46 kg, Meekiness Khaidem Meitei of MKBA in 46 kg, Kabiraj Moirangthem of KBAA in 52 kg, L Malenganba Singh of IIS in 52 kg, Ngamba Longjam of ASM in 52 kg, Neeraj Nongmaithem in 55 kg, L Mangansana Singh of NBA in 55 kg, W Inao Meitei of LRBA in 58 kg, N Akaba Singh of LRBA in 40 kg.

As for the Junior Boys, Md Mujihad of SRBA in 46 kg, Kh Bidyananda Singh of UBA in 46 kg, Biso R Koireng of IND in 48 kg, Tompok Thokchom of KBAA in 48 kg, Th Bishwamitra of IVRBS in 50 kg, M Khristino Renish Singh of UBA in 50 kg, Langamba Kh of MKBA in 50 kg, Sh Rockey Meitei of NBA in 50 kg, Th Lenjaoba Singh of IND in 52 kg, I Malemnganba of MKBA in 52 kg, Y Arnold of NBA in 52 kg, T Khambaton of IVRBS in 52 kg, M Radison of KBA in 54 kg, Ng Jupiter of TBA in 54 kg, Th Amitkumar of IVRBS in 54 kg, Md Azim of SRBA in 54 kg, Y Henary of AUS in 57 kg, W Lamjingba of TBA IN 57 kg and Th Dhananjoy of NBA in 57 kg also entered the semi-final. 

First Published:Oct. 7, 2021, 12:30 p.m.

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