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The Mother, The Creator, The Feminist

By Roger Khoirom and Bijaya Laishram

The word, Mother, brings lot of things in one’s mind. And it always starts from our childhood days. Though the necessity of our Mother always remains the same throughout our life but it is the childhood days that instantly come to our mind the moment we hear the word, Mother.

As a mother spends a maximum amount of time nurturing her child, it is She who creates the deepest impact on her children. She plays a role of a guide, friend, instructor, coach and so on. She has the ability to shape the mentality of her children and what they can become in future. She is the one who opens the path where they will tread on.

In this time of women empowerment and feminism, the role of mother becomes more highlighted than ever before. Feminism is more about one’s attitude towards life, it becomes very important that this attitude and mentality needs to be inculcated right from the beginning. This applies to both daughters and sons. Feminist attitude is not to be borne only by women of the world but by everyone.

A mother can teach her children about the right way of life, about the way of understanding others, about fairness of equal treatment and equal rights to everyone.

A lot can be learned from how a Mother showers her love to her children. There is no partiality when it comes to loving her children. No inequality or special privilege given to her children. She treats them all equally with same caring, bonding and love.

Right from sharing food to helping each other among friends/siblings, she has always taught about the importance of cooperation, sharing and equality. To be able to stand up for ourselves and for others, to be able to ask for our share - these are all the qualities that a Mother imbibes to her children.

It becomes one of the very important roles for a Feminist – Motherhood, the parenting.

We see lots of diverting issues like – adoption of western cultures, sexual liberation, dresses and restriction of going out. These are all very important areas but Feminism should start from the basic things which need more attention and focus.

Girl education, equal employment opportunities, financial support etc are few very basic areas where Feminism should reach out to, in the first place.

And are all these related to Motherhood? The answer is simply – Yes!

Feminism has a lot to do with how we think. It is about our outlook, how we treat others and how we let other treat us. And it all starts from our mental conditioning right from our childhood. If we are taught to consider ourselves inferior to others, we will be inferior irrespective of any privilege given to us.

Mothers, besides parenting and bringing up their kids, they go for building career, gets involved in charities and services, share experiences with others. And Mothers who gave up their careers for the sake of parenting and managing home are not to be considered any lesser Feminist than others. It takes lots of sacrifice to actually give up everything for a greater purpose of managing a whole family. She creates an environment which stresses out the importance of being un-selfish for a greater cause. This is highly relevant in the world of feminism today.

Feminism is not about demands and fulfillments, it is more about acceptance in a bigger perspective. Acceptance of who we are by our society and by one and all – is the perspective. Standing up for others and just for ourselves is very important. Parenting clearly emphasizes on this. While growing up, we are taught to help each other in times of needs, to shift our interest to a greater cause. It all started with our upbringing and inculcated through our parents. Though it is not the sole responsibility of the Mother alone, but the impact that they have on children goes deeper and effective.

She, the Mother, the Creator, the Feminist can create and bring progressive changes. She creates life and she shapes life. In this time of Facebook, Twitter and other social media, things have become very self-centered; it is mostly about “Me”, - my updates, my status, my friends, my network, comments on my posts… The “Me-Culture” has to give way to a more important cause called – “We”. Feminism needs collective approach and being united. And this ‘’We-Culture’’ is taught in parenting, through Her.

It is a high time that She realizes her significance in bringing a change that today’s society needs so much. She has more responsibilities than ever before. She is given these responsibilities because She can deliver it.

It is the very foundation that will go a long way in bringing everyone on a same platform where there is no injustice, no inequality and everyone lives a life free from imposition. This foundation for a better tomorrow is the creation of our Creator – our Mothers.

Motherhood and Feminism goes hand in hand together, you don’t have to choose only one.

The writers are pursuing their post graduation in Master of Social Work at Sangai International University, Manipur.

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